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Grey Suit

My dear husband of course knew about my planned little collection of rococo-goes-fifties-clothes. So he asked me, how I would imagine the matching menswear. Well – good point! There was a vision of grey flannel and herringbone-fabric, but will that work mixed up with the typical male suit of the fifties? It won’t. The whole outfit should still feature knee breeches, which were entirely out of fashion at that time. So I had to go a bit further back in time. The very chic sports and hunting suits of the 1910s to 30ies, made from fine tweeds and worn with knickerbockers and flat caps, should work well. So here you are:

The result is a grey woolen flannel suit with a double-breasted front, standing collar and wide cuffs. I’ve tried to keep the typical features of a Rococo-Fraque or Justaucorps like the extremely narrow shoulders, tight fitting upper and very differently cut and set-in sleeves. (The cut and posture of modern sleeves is with your arms hanging relaxed to the sids of your body. Here imagine your arms lifted in a 45° angle and stretched slightly forward and also your underarms slightly angled. This creates creases in the back under your arms but enhanced your movability dramatically! Still keep the narrow shoulders and tight cut in mind!) The narrow double-breasted front and standing collar can be found on some so-called banyans, which are the typical at-home-coats of the 18th century (like this one).