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Another very casual Kimono-ensemble. Here the applied original japanese materials were a striped woollen fabric for the unlined Kimono and a bolt of solid black silk for the Nagoya-Obi. As this particular ensemble should show a clear gothic indication, I chose to use a solid black Obi. All-black items are usually used for funerals and mourning wear only (here you will find a brief description of Mofuku) – but not all entirely black Kimono-items are initiallyMofuku. The Japanese originally started with solid white for mourning – as most eastern cultures do – but as westernizing grew, they picked up the european habit of black mourning wear. So, I used one single piece of japanese Mofuku as a back-reference to its european origin. JubanHan-eri and Date-eri are black as well, which would be a no-go for Mofuku (there it has to be white).